Winterliga 23/24

This cuties won the last winterliga! Gabi, Enrico and Liz. 🙂


Another Winterliga is about to start!!! Take your coat, some glühwein and come to the court. The only way to not get points is staying comfortable at home. To participate, just find 6 players and a ref, play the match and enter the results with the button below, no registration needed. Rankings will be updated automatically after some time. Please be reasonable and form balanced teams. Each player can play only one ranked game per night.


  • 4 for a win;
  • 2 for a tie;
  • 1 for a loss;
  • 0 if you stay cozy at home.

Winterliga ends mid-March or beginning of April or something, with a top-12 semifinals day. We will update this.

Finalstanding from the Winterliga 23/24

1st place

Lishka, Leon, Max Power

2nd place

Liz, Gabi, Christian

3rd place

Gitti, Jules, Bobo

4th place

christina, Frieda, Johannes